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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts" -Winston Churchill


Since 2011, Harbor Site Foundation (501c3) has devoted its time and resources to assisting military veterans and families who have made the transition to Law Enforcement.  Many of our Law Enforcement members continue to serve their country in some of the hostile regions of the globe.   This is an unprecedented time in history and our veterans and law enforcement professionals are our first and last line of defense in these turbulent times.

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The Harbor Site Foundation is currently working to develop standard practices for Law Enforcement to ensure the fair treatment and and support for our armed forces veterans in law enforcement

To provide military veterans serving in Law Enforcement and other uniformed services a resource to access the most current information about benefits available to them.  Harbor Site also provides an peer support network AFV's/LEO's can utilize in a completely confidential manner. 

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan winding down but if history has taught us anything it is that the fight to protect our way of life will continue in the years to come.   There are a select few who choose to fight for our way of life at home and abroad.  Subscribe to our mailing list to learn more.

Helping Warriors in Need


Since 2011 The Harbor Site Foundation has assisted veterans through advocacy, administrative support and monetary assistance. 

serving those who protect our way of life

Meet Our Team

Joseph Kauper


United Stated Marine Corps 

Port Authority Police Department


Mike Stoia

United States Marine Corps

Port Authority Police department

Collin Congleton

United States Marine Corps 

Jersey City Police Department

President, JCPD Marine Corps Association


Neil Van Ess                     

Captain (ret), Totowa Police Department                     NJ State Commander                                                            

Military Order of the Purple Heart

David Cathcart
Team Leader 
Secaucus Vet Center
Phone: 201-223-7787 Or 877-927-8387


Our goal is to give veterans in Law Enforcement and their families a place to go in order to get the most current information on benefits afforded to them as well as providing an accessible  support network they can utilize in a completely confidential manner.  We do this by reaching out to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the greater NY/NJ Metro area with the goal of designating Veterans Advocates for each department. Upon returning from their deployment, our service members will have a department advocate who will reach out to them to ensure any issues as far as pay, benefits or injuries (physical or non physical) sustained during their deployments are properly addressed. These advocates will be part of a larger network of veterans who have similar experiences and maintain a working knowledge of the VA system and Veterans rights. It is important to let these American heroes know that they are not alone. They are never alone.